Our loans are discrete

Customers come to one of our Pfandhaus Schumachers shops with one of their valuables. The item is valued, and the loan amount promptly advised. A pledge agreement is completed, which requires the customer to provide ID. We do not ask any questions about the purpose of the loan, nor do we collect any information or submit any reports to the German General Credit Protection Agency (Schufa) or other authorities, because we afford discretion.

The loan term is established in the pledge agreement, and is generally three months. It can be extended at any time for a further 3 months. You can also terminate the agreement early whenever you want, and will only be charged the loan amount and the interest and costs incurred to date.

We store the pawned items safely, insured at double the loan amount. They remain the customer’s property; the customer is only liable for the deposited pawn. All further liability is excluded.

The loan amount is paid out immediately in cash.

In full, and there are no processing fees.


The benefits of our pawn loans

Money paid out in just a few minutes!
After briefly inspecting your items, we will formulate a pledge agreement for you, containing all the important information. The amount will then be paid out to you directly in CASH.

Up to 80 percent of the market price!
Your property is valued by our trained specialists.

No obligations!
You are not obliged to redeem or extend your contracts. If you decide not to repay the loan, the pawned items will be sent off for public auction at no cost to you. Any additional proceeds will be credited to your customer account and paid out to you upon request.

Your personal details are only stored within our secured, internal safety network, and are never forwarded to third parties (e.g. the German General Credit Protection Agency (Schufa)).

Totally flexible!
The maximum loan calculated by us is tailored to your loan requirements as much as possible. Once the pledge agreement has been concluded, its minimum term is 4 months. You can, of course, repay the loan earlier at any time during opening hours, including payment of relevant interest and fees. You can extend the agreement if you pay the interest and fees due up to this point. You will then be granted at least another 4 months.

Dead pledge!
The loan is controlled purely by your pawned item.

Your property is in good hands with us. Security is our top priority!
Your pawned item is stored in completely secure facilities, with features including

  • Safes
  • Alarm systems
  • Bullet-proof glass
  • Access checks with biometric authentication
  • Camera systems

which are all state-of-the-art and VDS-certified.

Your pawned items are more than covered by additional personalised insurance policies.

How much does a pawn loan cost?

1% interest is charged on the loan amount each month. We also charge a fee for storing and insuring the pawn, and this is determined by the loan amount itself. For loan amounts up to EUR 300, the fee is governed by the legal regulations, and is shown in the table below:

Monthly fee up to & including a loan amount of
EUR 1.00 EUR 15.00
EUR 1,50 EUR 30.00
EUR 2,00 EUR 50.00
EUR 2.50 EUR 100.00
EUR 3.50 EUR 150.00
EUR 4.50 EUR 200.00
EUR 5.50 EUR 250.00
EUR 6.50 EUR 300.00

For loan amounts of EUR 301.00 and over, 1% interest is charged on the loan amount each month. In addition to this interest, we also charge a monthly fee which is determined by the loan amount. You are welcome to enquire about this in person or by telephone.